The Story

This page presents the story in ascending chronological order. If you are new to the details of the Henderson situation, please start at the bottom of the page.


August 31, 2012 - During Erica's unsupervised visit with all her children, CPS and two police officers arrive without a warrant and take month old Baby Henderson.

August 7, 2012 - CPS and Police Officers arrive at the home to demand that Erica sign a "Voluntary Case Plan" regarding Baby Henderson. Erica refused to sign this paperwork. CPS appeared flustered but stated there was no immediate concerns for the child and left.

August 6, 2012 - CPS notifies Erica that they are applying for a warrant to take Baby Henderson into custody. They state it "is the DCFS policy of adding any and all children to a pre-existing case."

July 26, 2012 - Baby Henderson is born at the Community Birth Center under midwife care. A beautiful, healthy baby boy.

July 10, 2012 - Erica is now allowed unsupervised visits with the children twice a week, six hours each day. There are rumors that this will turn into overnight visits in the near future.

June 29, 2012 - Erica goes before judge. She requests a Marsden hearing, and to be heard Pro Per. The judge denies this, stating that their is no constitutional protection in her courtroom. The judge appoints council, against Erica's objections and demand for a motion to dismiss on the grounds of denial of due process. These statements are included in the court transcripts and will be included in future filings on behalf of the Hendersons.

May 29, 2012 - After being denied visits for three weeks, because Erica is living in a home instead of the homeless shelter, the Hendersons return to court.

May 16, 2012 - The Hendersons return to court. Once again, the court appears favorable, but continuously DCFS does not follow the court stipulations.

May 10, 2012 - Erica must leave the homeless shelter because she is unable to pay rent and transportation fees (needed to go get food which is not otherwise available at the shelter).

May 2, 2012 - Jeff is allowed a visit after months of not seeing his children.

March 6, 2012 - The Hendersons had court. Despite fulfilling their required parenting courses and counselling and receiving numerous letters of recommendation from the teachers and counsellors, the judge stated, “I just don't think Ms. Henderson is ready to take care of 6 children.” No further discussion is allowed.

February 16, 2012 - After waiting for months, court date is postponed to March.

December 6, 2012 - The Henderson's van is impounded. It held the majority of their belongings, as they have been living out of it for several months.

October 18, 2012 - The children have been removed from Ima's home and placed back in general foster care back in Los Angeles, with the three youngest placed in a group home. Erica and Jeff live in the LA Area out of their van, to be close and continue their visitation with their children.

October 14, 2012 - Jeff and Erica finished their parenting classes and begin the required counselling. Tensions have been rising in Ima's home, due to animosity from Ima's adult son who is now also living in the home after being injured and unable to work.

September 6, 2011 - Ima, the family friend, acting as foster mother, is unable to care for the children any longer, due to loss of income (being unable to work while caring for the children), family injury and personal injury (injuries are not related to the Hendersons). Without the hope of receiving state funds for fostering the children, she is unable to make ends meet. She has called CPS and they are scheduling to pick up and move the childr,en back to the LA Foster Care system.

August 24, 2011 - Jeff and Erica return to court. All charges of abuse are dropped. The only remaining complaints against the family are 1) Abigail was allowed to drink wine during Shabbat, 2) Erica drank a beer most days while nursing, and 3) Jeffrey became angry in court. Erica is given full access to the children, but not custody. AND if Erica does stay with the children there will continue to be NO funding from CPS for their care. Jeff is still allowed 3 weekly visits, 2 hours each. Jeff and Erica are required to take parenting classes. Jeff is required to take an anger management class. Court is rescheduled for Feb. 13, 2012, 6 months away. They are hoping to fulfill the requirements and request a sooner court date for reevaluation.

August 2, 2011 - Children are moved into one foster home under the care of a family friend, called Ima. Because it is after the first of August, CPS claims all funding for the children went to the previous homes and there is no financing to assist Ima in the care of 6 children. Fundraiser is begun by the Henderson's Support Group on Facebook for grocery money, beds, clothing and toys for the childrens' needs.

July 13, 2011 - Jeffery and Erica appeared in Children's Court in Los Angeles county. The Judge hearing the case was not the same judge from the previous hearing. The children present at the hearing were Abigail who is 8 years old, and William who is 6 years old.

This hearing was an Emergency Motion. The outcome of the hearing was as follows.
Parental visits were ordered to be three days per week. Sibling visits are included with the parental visits. Immediately after the hearing, Erica spoke to her lawyer about her concerns regarding the three day visits. Erica believed that it would be an issue with the foster agency. Her lawyer assured her that the order would be followed. Upon requesting the third parental visit, the social worker, Marisol Gonzalez, refused the visit. Marisol Gonzalez is not obeying the court ordered three day visit. Erica's Attorney is on vacation the rest of the week. Jeffrey has received a call from Aida Garcia, Marisol's supervisor. Aida agrees there is an ORDER for the three visits per week but apologizes that it could not happen this week. She said that she will make an effort to have a third visit next week.
The Judge ordered that no donated breast milk be given to the younger two children. This order was based on a Doctor's report which stated that donated milk acquired through online sources is dangerous. The Doctor's reasons are the lack of breast milk screening, and the fact that the children have not been vaccinated.
The Judge allowed Erica to donate her own breast milk. Erica's breast milk must be tested for alcohol, as she drinks on Shabbat, a Jewish religious day. According to Erica's lawyer, the testing may be done with alcohol testing strips. Erica has one to two glasses of red, kosher wine within a 24 hour period on Shabbat. Erica does not drink any other day of the week. The Judge ordered that the mother needs to stop drinking alcohol.
Jeffery’s Lawyer dismissed himself the day of the hearing citing “conflict of interest”. This stems from an email in which Jeffrey bcc his attorney. The email was to the auditor requesting an investigation as to whether or not the Judge was recieving monies from the county to hear the case. Jeffrey was appointed a new Lawyer that same day. The Lawyer asked and received an extension to have time to review the case. Jeffrey writes, " In some large cities here in California we have a problem with judges accepting "extra" payments from the county. Los Angeles is one of them. These extra payments are paid to judges on top of their regular paycheck from the state. When the county, in this case the DCFS, is a party to a case, it is technically accepting a bribe when a judge accepts the extra payment. Los Angeles County says they give this extra payment to judges to retain good judges by helping them with the increased living expenses in the Los Angeles area. In short, Judge is impartial because he is paid by the state. When a judge accepts this extra payment, they should recuse themselves from any action where the county is an interested party. The trouble is, they never do. They are technically taking bribes. I wanted to know if my judge was on the take. I instructed my attorney to research this matter. He instead declared a conflict of interest. This too is illegal. I am guaranteed a hearing to argue the matter because my hearing has to be postponed if he can just walk away. Their solution? They had the hearing anyway, with a rookie attorney "defending" my parental rights and brought in a different judge both who had never seen the case before. Due process? Not."
Jeffrey is to come back on Tuesday, July 19, for an interview. He will be asked questions that are typical of any other Father who is being interviewed. A request was made for Abigail and William to be present for that interview, however, the Judge said that only Abigail was allowed to be present.
Erica's Aunt Chandra has a friend, Stephanie, who has done foster care before and is a Registered Nurse who does Telephone Triage from home. She has offered to foster the children. The Judge thought the department should push placement of the children with her. Stephanie will call and set up a time when she will go through the process. Today she has been playing phone tag with the Social Worker.
The judge ordered that the children should try to be placed in the same home. The order included a home where Kosher is kept.
The next hearing will be on August 24, 2011 to determine if the children will be placed with the friend.
No reason was given as to why the children are not being returned to their parents, nor as to why they must continue in foster care.

June 24, 2011 we signed paperwork with an attorney to take over our lawsuit of the city of Pasadena which now includes every incident that happened as a result of our unlawful arrest on April 25th, 2011.

The Henderson's children remain in CPS with limited visits. Donor breastmilk for the infant was denied. Erica has been able re-lactate since leaving jail and her milk was approved, pending alcohol testing. Erica was admonished for alcohol use though her alcohol use is minimal, restricted to a glass of wine on the Shabbat. "It is sacramental wine for making a the Jewish religion, before the meal on a Friday night, we light candles, eat bread and drink wine and say a prayer for all of them and a prayer to bring in the Shabbat ." -- Miriam Berlow-Jackson. There was no grounds for this alcohol allegation, but is based on CPS reports that several of the children "look like FAS". So, the witch hunt has begun. It is not possible for the children to have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. This is religious persecution. The children are not being fed a kosher diet, they have been vaccinated with toxins and non-kosher ingredients --JM) .

Erica and Jeffrey, remain homeless as a result of the wrongful entry

June 21, 2011 Judge Villa Lobos dismissed the case following an 1118.1 motion, for lack of grounds to proceed to trial. Jeffrey was released a day later due to a “hold” put on him as a result of his beating by the police. We were free but homeless and childless. Our landlord removed everything out of our home while we were incarcerated. He did this without legal notice, and refuses to give us our things including thousands of dollars in cash. We were told we must go before a judge in children's court before our children can be released to our care. This happens on July 13, 2011.

April 25 - June 21, 2011 - We sit in jail while we wait for our case to go to trial. Towards the end we were offered many “deals” by the prosecution, but did not take them because of our attorney’s advice that the case would be dismissed before it made it to trial. Jeffrey suffered greatly in jail, not getting a Kosher diet and being severely beaten in custody while hand-cuffed. His arm and five fingers were broken as well as sustaining soft tissue damage to the head.

April 25, 2011 - The case was denied by the California Supreme Court on the day Jeffrey and I were arrested. The police came to our home, knocked in both doors without warning and arrested Jeffrey and I and CPS took our children into custody as well. This action was coordinated by MART (multi agency response team). We were arrested on a bench warrant for failure to appear. These actions were carefully planned.

March 7, 2011 - Jeffrey begins filing appeals through the appellate court for his denied motions. His requests in the appellate court are denied and he files a writ of certerari with the California Supreme court which was accepted on April 18, 2011. At this point his superior court case in Pasadena is put on hold until the Supreme Court makes a ruling.

December 22, 2010 - Jeffrey files a claim for damages against the county of Los Angeles.

December 14, 2010 - Appealed demmurrer overruled by Judge Beason.

November 23, 2010 - Jeffrey files a claim for damages against the city of Pasadena

August 6, 2010 - Jeffrey goes to court on a scheduled court date and was arrested. The court did not serve Jeffrey with the paperwork, there is no proof of service on file. He spent 3 weeks in jail for a bench warrant for failure to appear on this case. He was released and continued to file motions

June 2010 – March 2011 - Jeffrey goes to court one or twice a month filing motions that were denied. 3 more counts of PC 148 as well as 4 counts of misdemeanor child endangerment were added to each of us. The prosecution alleged we were guilty of resisting an officer by not opening the door when the police said to, and child endangerment because of the psychological damage suffered by the children from watching the door being beat down.

June 2010 - Jeffrey begins fighting our case in propria persona, or without an attorney’s counsel. In court Jeffrey is informed that I am also charged with PC 148 a1. Jeffrey informs the court that he will be arguing the case for both of us.

June 14,2010 - Jeffrey goes before a city counsel meeting and asks for help with our problems with the neighbor, the broken door and the bogus charges. He writes and rehearses a speech for the city council meeting. There are no comments or questions, he is ignored. We also write to our city counsel member, Victor Gordo. He does not respond.

May 25, 2010 – Pasadena police came to our door investigating child abuse stemming from an anonymous call made to 911. The caller said she heard Jeffrey slap Abigail. We did not let the police in. After almost two hours of talking to the police, they used a battering ram to gain entry to our home without a warrant and without our consent. During these two hours they tried to obtain a warrant by a judge in Pasadena and were told they could not have one as there were no exigent circumstances. They ran in guns drawn, and told Jeffrey to get down on the ground. He did. Jeffrey was beaten, cuffed and taken to the hospital. Jeffrey was detained and ticketed from the hospital for PC 148 a1, resisting an officer. The officers searched our home, strip searched and interviewed our children and found no evidence of abuse. I was never arrested or ticketed.