Thursday, October 31, 2013

Update from Jeffrey, November 1st Court, Law School...

Dear Friends and Family,

This is an update to all the supporters of the Henderson Children coming home.The reason we have had to be secretive over the last six months or more is the government has agents in this group. They copy and send everything to the courts. We could not continue sharing updates knowing words typed by Internet users were being twisted in court as evidence to adopt our children out. I know others are going to read this and consider malice. Please reconsider. Erica and I are separating and have given each other our word that we will annul our relationship.We decided to end our time together so the babies can finally go home, May G-d have mercy on our souls. The courts have made it clear that they will return to mother if father is completely out of the picture.

I am moving to another state in three weeks. I have been accepted to a law school, and I have dedicated the rest of my life to learning how to prevent what the government did to my family from happening to others. The ultimate authority over children should be the parents. Somehow in the last 30 years, our generation lost political status over our progeny. It is an old idea from countries ruled by oligarchs. The idea that children of the peasantry belonged to the ruler. That is not supposed to be the case under the federal constitution. In every state of this union We the people are guaranteed to a republican form of government. The juvenile courts where our children are being adopted out are not lawful.

Erica has had a baby girl. Erica was told by DCFS in a TDM meeting that was attended by Erica and at least 3 other women in her support system, that if she wanted to keep her baby girl she needed to go into a shelter immediately to prove she was willing to do anything to protect her children. Erica left the TDM meeting, having only the bag she had packed for the day and a car seat. Her supporter and friend dropped her off in front a police station where she and the baby were then picked up by a taxi and taken to a shelter. She had to leave everything behind in the house that she was living in. The house, clothing, dishes, the children’s beds, books and toys, all of which the supporters of the family had helped her to establish and maintain. She did not have the opportunity to go back and even pack a single bag, she went immediately to the shelter just as DCFS demanded. A week later DCFS came to the shelter and took the baby from Erica’s arms. Erica has been in compliance with every program that she has been enrolled in. She had to get special permission to leave the shelter for a few hours to find a breast pump so that she would not get mastitis and was able to maintain a supply of breastmilk for her baby girl.

I have completed and continue to remain in compliance with all the court orders, DCFS maintains that I have not changed enough to have my babies returned. So, in three weeks I will leave California and move forward with my education, in an attempt to pick up the shattered pieces of what is left of my life so that I may help others who find themselves caught in the tangled web of DCFS. It is my hope that Erica regains custody of her children. I am very sad, but hopeful that this will finally be enough to bring the children home to their mothers bosom. Although I am able to maintain financially over the next couple months, my wife can not. I will be attempting to rebuild what is left of my life but it will take some time. I estimate that by February I will be able to provide monetary help to what was once my family.

Erica needs help financially to jump through the DCFS hoops. Please send money to her paypal here: She needs our prayers. She needs us to bring awareness to the government overreach that is destroying families. Thank you for being there for the Henderson Family. The next hearing is this Friday November 1 2013 in Department 407 Edelman Courthouse in Los Angeles. My daughter will be testifying. Please come and show support. It should be an amazing day.

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